In 1984 many people risked their lives in an attempt to stop the construction of Farrington Road through North Lake, their efforts sparked an interest in the wider community in the importance of protecting the last remaining twenty percent of the Beeliar wetlands within the metropolitan area.

Since then many groups, individuals and local Elders, have continued the fight for the preservation of theses interim listed, heritage wetlands. Their continual support and hard work to inform the community and government about North and Bibra Lakes, has made this Website possible.

Many thanks to all who have contributed in compiling the information for this project, a special thanks to Eyecue Design for donating the time in the construction and creative input of this Website.

“It’s a gathering place, a cross-over point for the moon and sun and a place where traditional ceremonies have always taken place. It’s like looking at a jigsaw-you take a piece out and you can’t see the picture.”
Antoinne Forrest-Yarran (Fremantle Rooster, Feb 25, 2005)


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