There are well over twenty reports by both government and community that have investigated the importance of the environmental, Aboriginal heritage, educational, social and the impact that the proposed "Roe Highway Stage 8" would have on North and Bibra Lake.

The North Lake Residents Association along with other groups and individuals, have come together to research and summarise this information producing a final report for the wider community, government departments and Ministers.

This report (available here) brings together the facts and the parliamentary debate surrounding the issue of Roe Highway Stage 8, it also shows that at every step of the way, the argument against the construction of this highway, has been supported by numerous studies and subsequent government reviews and technical reports.

The entire process has withstood public and government scrutiny and proven to be robust. The argument today is the same as it was in 1990, where the Department of Planning and Urban Development (DPUD) summarised that: The preferable option on natural environmental, ethnological and archaeological grounds is the No Highway Option.

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Click Roe Hwy 8 – EPA Submission Click Roe Hwy 8 – 2006 Final Report
Click Roe Hwy 8 – Community Survey Click Roe Hwy 8 – Environmental Nodes Paper
Click Roe Hwy 8 – 2001 NLRA Report Click AHC & National Trust, North & Bibra Lake
Click North Lake Herpetofauna Report Click Farrington Road Traffic Calming
Click Roe Hwy 8 – EPA Assessment 1088 Click Cockburn Council Opposition to Roe Hwy 8
Click Roe Hwy 8 – Multi-Criteria 2004 Click Roe Hwy Consultative Committee 1990
Click Nyoongar Council of Elders – Letters Click North Lake Management Plan
Click North Lake Archaeological Sites Click Recollections of North-Bibra Lakes
Click Investigation into Aboriginal Significance Click Roe Hwy 8 – Aboriginal Multi-Criteria Options
Click Roe Hwy 8 – Aboriginal Multi-Criteria Addendum    
Click Roe Swamp Report Click Cockburn Wetlands Study - 1976
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Click Roe Hwy Alignment Review 1988 Click EPA Bulletin 266
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